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Spin off biotech area


Therabor Pharmaceuticals s.r.l.

Activity: development of a technological platform for the production of pharmacologically active new chemical entities containing the boron atom.
Proponents: prof. Fabio Prati, dr. Emilia Caselli
Founded in 2011

Skin2 s.r.l.
Activity: development of applications in medicine for the treatment of difficult wounds.
Proponents: prof. Alberto Giannetti, prof.ssa Cristina Magnoni, dr. Massimo Pellegrini, dr. Luisa Benassi
ounded in 2010

Rigenerand s.r.l.
Activity: development of biotechnological tools and systems for pre-clinical and clinical applications in regenerative medicine and oncology.
Proponents: prof. Pierfranco Conte, dr. Massimo Dominici
Founded in 2009

PinCell s.rl.
Activity: applied research in the biomedical field for the development of new drugs for inflammatory and neoplastic skin diseases.
Proponents: prof. Carlo Pincelli, dr. Alessandra Marconi
Founded in 2008

Cracef s.r.l.
Activity: industrial research for the development of process and product in the field of vinegars.
Proponents: prof. Paolo Giudici, prof. Ugo Maria Pagnoni
Founded in 2008

Holostem s.r.l.
Activity: development of cell therapy approaches, using epithelial stem cells and gene therapy, in skin and cornea genetic diseases.
Proponents: prof. Michele De Luca, prof. Graziella Pellegrini
Founded in 2008

Tydock s.r.l.
Activity: research and development of innovative drugs for infectious diseases.
Proponent: prof. Maria Paola Costi
Founded in 2006