Spin off technology aerea

BISY - Business Integration Systems s.r.l.
Activity: development of software applications aimed at the management of computer networks in business.
Proponent: Prof. Flavio Bonfatti
Founded in 2012

EcoTecnoMat s.r.l.
Activity: production and marketing of innovative eco-friendly materials with a majority component of waste and/or scrap.
Proponents: Prof. Cristina Leonelli, Prof. Luisa Barbieri, Dr. Fernanda Andreola
Founded in 2011

RSens S.r.l.
Activity: production of innovative devices for the detection of radon gas.
Proponents: Prof. Luigi Rovati, Prof. Giovanni Verzellesi
Founded in 2011

Data River S.r.l.
Activity: software design and development in the fields of Data Integration, Semantic Web and Business Intelligence
Proponent: Prof. Sonia Bergamaschi
Founded in 2009

Astra research S.r.l.
Activity: design and consultancy in mechanical and biomedical fields.
Proponent: Prof. Antonio Strozzi
Founded in 2008

RAW Power S.r.l.
Activity: design and development of power electronic systems for industrial, automotive and civil applications, in particular in the field of static conversion of energy.
Proponent: Ing. Alberto Bellini
Founded in 2007

Epoca S.r.l.
Activity: development of integrated innovative software products and services in order to offer a valuable support to projects of change and complex integration.
Proponent: Prof. Diego Maria Macrì
Founded in 2007

XBW S.r.l
Activity: development of engineering applications by wire, which find their natural outlet in the field of mechatronics.
Proponent: Prof. Paolo Pavan, Ing. Alessandro Bertacchini
Founded in 2006

Vision-E S.r.l.
Activity: implementation of video surveillance systems that use advanced techniques for motion detection.
Proponent: Prof. Rita Cucchiara
Founded in 2006